Keeping your jewellery safe

We know just how special your Jeweller's Loupe jewellery is. So, we want to give you as much advice as possible about keeping your jewellery safe and sound. Read the top tips from our jewellers about the weather, swimming, insurance, and general wear and tear.

In all weathers

It’s important to know that as the weather changes, so can your finger-size. When the hot summer sun arrives, your finger can expand to about a half a size bigger than it would be on an ordinary day. More importantly, when the weather becomes distinctly colder than normal (or if you’re travelling to a cooler climate), your finger size can shrink. This could cause risk of your ring/s becoming loose on your finger, an ultimately falling off. Uh oh!

Our advice is to keep this in mind as you transition from season to season. There’s not a lot you can do in terms of making the ring change to suit your current bodily temperature. But, it is useful to be aware of your jewellery so that it doesn’t fall off without you noticing.


Similarly to the changing weather, your finger-size can fluctuate when your go for a dip in your local pool or in the sea on your holidays. You’d be surprised how many people lose their wedding rings on their honeymoon for this specific reason.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to stop swimming. Just be cautious. Some people choose to remove their jewellery before diving into the waves. However, this could be an insurance-dependent option. Some insurers require you to be wearing your jewellery at all times. Again, we simply advise you to be conscious of your ring/s when you’re out and about in the water. That way, you can spot if it is becoming a little looser than normal.

To insure or not to insure

Like many-a grown up decision, choosing whether to insure your jewellery or not simply comes down to personal preference.

What we say is that jewellery is often an expensive and sentimental item that could prove difficult to replace if you haven’t got insurance. If you do decide to insure your jewellery, we advise you to use a specialised jewellery insurer (rather than adding it on to your home contents insurance, for example). This just ensures that you are receiving all the necessary protection that you need for your jewellery specifically, whilst not increasing your other insurance premiums too.

General wear and tear

It’s important to remember that if you are wearing your jewellery on a daily basis, it will be exposed to expected wear and tear. The odd bump and knock is normal. We guarantee that your jewellery is made to the very best quality so it will withstand these. The diamonds and gemstones are perfectly secure and the metal of your jewellery is called ‘precious metal’ for a reason. It is chosen for its durability. Nonetheless, it will also be super-polished too which means you can expect a few grazes and scratches as the months/years go by. Don’t worry, this is normal too.



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