The different diamond cuts

Diamonds are mined from the earth in their rough form. They are then cut into a particular shape that encourages much more sparkle. This is called a Diamond Cut.

The specific size, shape and angles of the facets of a diamond determine its official Cut. Facets are the man-made flat sides of the diamond, cut specially to refract light in different ways and generate that glistening effect.

We offer Round Brilliant Cut, Princess Cut, Marquise Cut, Pear Cut, Emerald Cut and Pear Cut Diamonds.


So which Diamond Cut do I choose?

A quick summary would be... (but keep reading for more in-depth information about each diamond cut).

  • for a safe and classic option, go for a Round Brilliant Cut diamond.

  • if you prefer to be more contemporary, both a Princess Cut and Marquise Cut diamond provide this style.

  • for an elegant option, we suggest choosing an Oval Cut or Pear Cut diamond.

  • if it's a vintage-feel that you like, Emerald Cut diamonds are great for this.

That all being said (can guess what we're going to say), when if comes to choosing your perfect Diamond Cut, it simply comes down to personal preference. Just like every jewellery decision.


The Different Diamond Cuts

Round Brilliant Cut

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond.png

Shape: Round (E.g. our Double Claw Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring)

Arguably the most common diamond cut. Round brilliant cut diamonds are often used in solitaire engagement rings and for the extra sparkle in a diamond set band.

Princess Cut

Princess Cut Diamons.png

Shape: Square (E.g. our Solitaire Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with a Rex Setting)

Princess cut diamonds offer a contemporary twist in comparison to a round brilliant cut. Consequently, their angular shape suits a modern design and bold settings.

Emerald Cut

Emerald Cut Diamond.png

Shape: Rectangular. (E.g. our Solitaire Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with a Kiss Setting)

Emerald cut diamonds provide a classical look as they tend to be found within vintage jewellery designs. Surprising enough, emerald gemstones are often Emerald Cut too.

Pear Cut

Pear Cut Diamond.png

Shape: Tear drop (E.g. our Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Diamond Set Shoulders) 

A pretty alternative to a round brilliant cut diamond, one half of the diamond follows a soft curved shape, whilst the other half comes to a delicate point.

Marquise Cut

Marquise Cut Diamon.png

Shape: Boat-like (E.g. our Crossover Solitaire Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring)

A marquise cut diamond is arguably the most interesting diamond cut because it can be used as a classic shape or within a contemporary design.

Oval Cut

Oval Cut Diamond.png

Shape: Oval (E.g. our Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Diamond Set Shoulders)

A softened alternative to an emerald cut and an elongated alternative to a round brilliant cut, this diamond cut provides an elegant style.

There is also more information on Diamond Cuts on the GIA website


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