Your Complete Guide to Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Your one-stop for answers to all of your questions and curiosities regarding salt and pepper diamonds, to help you decide if they’re the right precious gem for you.

What are salt and pepper diamonds, and how do they differ externally from your well-known and well-loved traditional white diamond?

All diamonds form under extreme heat and pressure over millions of years. The differences between them come from the varying amounts of personality the diamond has; professionally referred to as the number of ‘inclusions’. White diamonds typically have very few inclusions which gives them their clear, highly reflective appearance, whereas salt and pepper diamonds have a black and white speckled appearance. The black inclusions are due to high volumes of carbon deposits, often in the form of graphite, that make the diamond look darker, whereas white inclusions are caused by differences in the diamond’s crystal structure, such as nitrogen and other elements, and can make a diamond look cloudier. In terms of appearance, it’s completely down to personal preference, but each stone looks beautiful, especially in the right cut and setting. As all of our jewellery is handcrafted to order at Jeweller’s Loupe, we will send you a picture of the unique Salt & Pepper diamond we have selected and make sure you are happy with the diamond we have chosen before we begin making your item. It's also worth noting that all of Jeweller's Loupe stones and metals are ethically sourced, which is a small change for us but makes a big difference to the people mining them.

Jewellers Loupe Joy Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold

Are salt and pepper diamonds still diamonds?

Yes, they’re still diamonds. They’re just more economically and environmentally friendly, due to the higher quantity and less intense mining process, and far more unique. Every single salt and pepper diamond is one of a kind due to the random inclusions they encapsulate, making them perfect for anyone looking for a unique wedding or engagement ring that still has some traditional charm. The durability of salt and pepper diamonds is largely the same as that of pure white diamonds, with both ranking a 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This means day to day wear will be no problem for these resilient stones. However, the inclusions can slightly compromise the structural integrity of the stones, meaning they can be more prone to chipping. Because of this, it’s recommended that they aren’t cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners, as the ultrasonic vibrations can crack the stone. If cared for properly though, these stones will last for generations.

Jeweller's Loupe Faith Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring in Silver

Best cuts for salt and pepper diamonds:

Jewellers usually select intricate cuts for white diamonds due to wanting to amplify their reflective brilliance. This isn’t recommended as much for salt and pepper diamonds, since their inclusions reduce the reflectivity of the stones. Therefore, it’s best for them to be cut into styles such as hexagon, kite and coffin to exaggerate their uniqueness. Rough and raw salt and pepper diamonds are also a popular option for custom bohemian designs. One of the many perks to salt and pepper diamonds is that they show wear and tear a lot less than traditional diamonds, and therefore will take longer to display dullness (brilliant for a piece of jewellery intended to be worn for a lifetime!). However, monthly cleanings are still recommended to prevent this for as long as possible and keep your ring in tip-top condition.

Can I buy a Salt and Pepper Engagement Ring from Jeweller’s Loupe?

Yes you can! As we make all of our rings to order we can customise the stone in almost all of our engagement ring designs. Get in touch with our friendly team and we can advise you further. We also offer a beautiful selection of salt and pepper rings in our Hope collection that can be worn as stacking rings but are also equally stunning on their own. Our elegant Hope Pendant is also available with a salt and pepper diamond.

Jeweller's Loupe Salt and Pepper Diamond Hope Pendant in Yellow Gold