What style to choose - wedding rings

You're engaged and ready to choose your next special jewellery piece - a wedding ring. But where to start? 

To keep it simple, we have categorised our wedding rings into three styles: plain, diamond and fitted. As always, we advise personal preference and trusting your gut. 


Plain Wedding Rings

2mm Traditional Court Wedding Ring

Plain wedding rings offer you a classic and subtle style. They are a great option to compliment your engagement ring, rather than distracting attention from it.

We offer both a traditional court and a flat court wedding ring profile. Court means your ring has a comfortable, rounded fit on the inside. A traditional court has a rounded profile across the top too. A flat court has a flat profile across the top and is considered to be slightly more contemporary. 

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Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond Set Twisted Wedding Ring

Diamond wedding rings offer extra sparkle to your jewellery collection. Whilst being a stunning piece of jewellery in their own right, this style also provides a glistening frame to your engagement ring.

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Fitted Wedding Rings

Diamond Set Fitted Wedding Ring to fit a Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Fitted wedding rings are made to fit alongside your engagement ring. They can be plain or diamond set, but will always flow perfectly around the profile of your current ring.  

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