Being an ethical jewellers is hugely important to us.

Like you, we are choosing to make conscious, considerate and principled decisions. We know our actions impact the world and we want to contribute to creating sustainable British retail.

At Jeweller's Loupe, all our jewellery is:

  • ethically created in our Yorkshire (UK) workshop
  • handmade to order by recommended British jewellers
  • conflict-free from start to finish


Be reassured that we only work with:

  • reputable and reliable suppliers of precious metals, diamonds and gemstones
  • suppliers we know and trust for their ethical approach and expertise


When it comes to your choosing your perfect engagement ring, wedding ring or fashion jewellery piece, be reassured that we only offer you the best options of precious metal:

  • 9ct and 18ct Fairtrade white gold
  • 9ct and 18ct Fairtrade yellow gold
  • 9ct and 18ct Fairtrade rose gold
  • ethically-sourced platinum

We simply do not use any other metal. No vermeil (in Yorkshire we call it 'plated'), no regular gold, no palladium - because we cannot guarantee it's quality or ethical tracibility.


Jeweller's Loupe are proud to part of the Fairtrade Foundation Goldsmiths Registration Scheme, offering you Fairtrade White Gold, Fairtrade Yellow Gold and Fairtrade Rose Gold.

For a piece of jewellery to be hallmarked with the Fairtrade Gold stamp, it needs to be fully traceable through its entire journey from Fairtrade mine to customer.

By choosing Fairtrade Gold, we are also supporting the Fairtrade Premium which is given to mining communities to help with education, infrastructure and healthcare (as determined by the community themselves).

You can read more about Fairtrade Gold here >>>


Simply, we are only prepared to use ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones at Jeweller's Loupe. That's it. No compromise. 

Our specialist diamond and gemstone suppliers have been hand-selected by us for their quality products and ethical reliability.


In 2002, the World Diamond Council, alongside the United Nations, governments and important global groups, introduced The Kimberley Process. A certification process that prevents the trade of conflict diamonds through the proper tracking of uncut diamonds. 

45 countries participate in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), including the UK. This helps us to ensure that our diamonds are conflict-free.


It is important to us that no conflict-diamonds enter our supply chain.

Important info...

  • The intake of diamonds being purchased by us and being sold by us does not include any diamonds that have come from any area in Africa controlled by forces rebelling against the legitimate and internationally recognised government of the relevant country.
  • Also, no diamonds have been purchased in breach of UN resolutions nos. 1173, 1176 and 1306.

If you would like to know any more information about our Ethical Policy and Sustainability here at Jeweller's Loupe, please just get in touch via

(Fairtrade community photo - courtesy of Hockley Mint)