A jeweller’s loupe is an essential part of a working jeweller’s toolkit. Simply, it is a specialised magnifying glass used to enable a real-close look at diamonds, settings, metalwork etc.

It can come in varying strengths e.g. 10x, 30x zoom, and can also be fold-able. A loupe that folds (such as the one pictured here) is called a triplet loupe.

Jeweller's Loupe

Eye-glasses are a similar tool to a loupe, and also used by many jewellers. They involve holding the magnifier in the socket of your eye. (Quite the skill!)

In our Yorkshire workshop, we have over ten loupes and eyeglasses. Y’know, just in case!

So why did we call ourselves Jeweller's Loupe?

Well, because it represents many of the values that are important to us as a company:

  • transparency - to you; our customers

  • precision & attention to detail - flawless quality and nothing less

  • traditional craftsmanship - keeping the flag flying for an important British trade

If you’d like to speak one of our team about Jeweller’s Loupe, our values, heritage or creative process, just get in touch. You can call us on 0113 2748474 or email: hi@jewellersloupe.co.uk