Who are our jewellers?

Yorkshire Fellows

Our jewellers are proud craftsman, born and bred in the fair hills of Yorkshire. Following their passion from an early age, Tim and Gary have worked within jewellery retail, large jewellery manufacturers and are still creating bespoke jewellery at Form Bespoke Jewellers (Leeds, UK).

Dedicated, passionate, experts

Multi award-winning and highly recommended, their aim is always to create the perfect jewellery pieces for you – without compromise. As working-jewellers, they have the ability to create:

  • the best quality products – dedicating time and care to ensure substantial and stylish designs, secure diamond-setting and pristine finishing
  • at a reasonable price – working within their Yorkshire workshop with no fancy shopfront and huge store room (so no additional costs to pass on to you)
  • from a proper ethical standpoint – making conscious decisions throughout the creative process to ensure everyone is treated fairly 

Making change

Simply, our jewellers are trying to make a positive difference to British retail. With your help, they are flying the flag for British manufacture and keeping the spark of handcrafted, British jewellery creation alive. Thank you.

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