Fairtrade Yellow Gold JOY Onyx Stacking Ring (available now)


We love the hammered-effect on the JOY stacking ring. Not only does it give the band an interesting tactile finish, it also bounces the natural light at varying angles resulting in a fabulous sparkle from the metal alone. 

Then if that wasn’t enough pizazz (yes pizazz!), we’ve hand set a stunning black Onyx gemstone (hand-picked and ethically-sourced, of course!) 

  • An exclusive Jeweller's Loupe stacking ring from our Hope Collection
  • A contemporary and tactile band ring in 9ct Fairtrade Yellow Gold
  • Round, 6mm, checkerboard cut black Onyx, hand-set in a rub setting
  • Handmade in the UK

Please note that every gemstone will have its own unique, naturally-occurring colour plays and pattern. 

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