Discover Serene: Embracing Slow Fashion with The New Ethical Jewellery Collection Inspired by Nature

In a time where fast-fashion has taken centre-stage, our team at Jeweller’s Loupe have chosen to embrace a more sustainable approach to jewellery making, keeping ethics at the heart of everything we do.

Our brand new collection, Serene, is a shining example of how ethics can be bound with aesthetics, and serves as a reminder of the importance of slow fashion in the modern-age. Discover your new favourite ethical jewellery collection, inspired by the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us. 


Embracing Slow Fashion

Fast-fashion is one of the biggest environmental issues our planet faces today. Creating cheap, low quality clothes that only last a few wears and washes is only allowing us to see our clothing as disposable, easily replaceable, and meaningless.

One of the core principles behind the creation of Serene is creating sustainable fashion that is beautiful for generations to come. In a world where trends change almost weekly, Serene aims to encourage consumers to make more thoughtful and sustainable shopping choices. By creating timeless designs, our jewellers have produced a collection that transcends fleeting trends, allowing these pieces to be cherished for a lifetime… or longer!

Not only do our designs stand the test of time, but our creation process keeps traditional techniques alive that have been around for centuries. Every piece of jewellery from the Serene collection is made by hand, right here in our small Yorkshire workshop, meaning your jewellery receives expert care and craftsmanship from start to finish - as it should!


Sustainable Materials

What truly sets Serene apart from your usual jewellery collection is our commitment to sourcing ethical materials and keeping the creation process as sustainable as possible. Our Fairtrade metals and lab-grown diamonds are sourced with the utmost care for the environment and for the communities involved in the mining process. 

By using Fairtrade metals, Jeweller’s Loupe are supporting those that rely on responsible mining whilst also keeping them safe from unethical practices such as structurally unstable pits or the use of harsh chemicals. You can read more about our pledge and Fairtrade certified mining regulations here.

Lab-diamonds are created in a controlled environment, and use a lot less energy to source than mined diamonds. With this in mind, you can wear your sparkling jewellery without concerns for unethical impacts associated with diamond mining.



Mindful Indulgence

Serene is more than just a range of luxurious accessories, it’s a statement of commitment to slow fashion and ethical consumerism. By drawing inspiration from the natural world and using sustainable materials, Serene showcases the beauty that can still be achieved when we prioritise ethical processes in our fashion choices. 

With this new dazzling collection, you not only wear a piece of art inspired by nature but also wear your values close to your heart. It’s a collection that inspired us to slow down, appreciate the beauty of the world around us and make choices that benefit not only ourselves but the planet as well. So why not immerse yourself in Serene and become part of the slow fashion revolution? Products go live on 2nd October - see you then!


Watch the new collection campaign here.