Green Gifting Made Easy: Creating Memorable Christmas Moments with Jeweller’s Loupe

As the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift begins, why not consider a present that isn’t only easy on the eye but also radiates with ethical values? At Jeweller’s Loupe, we believe treating those you love shouldn't come with a hidden cost, and so we have created the perfect range of luxury guilt-free jewellery that will make Christmas that extra bit special.


Thoughtful and Timeless Designs

Our jewellery is always crafted with you in mind. Whether it’s a diamond pendant or a birthstone ring, our designs have been curated so that they capture the essence of the wearers personality. For example, our stunning new Serene collection is one for the nature lovers out there. With its leafy patterns and organic textures, you can wear a piece of the great outdoors whenever you like. For those more fashion orientated, our Hope collection is brimming with stacking rings that you can mix and match with any outfit. We also offer engraving, so you can add your own loving message and personal touch.


Sustainable Sparkle with Lab Grown Diamonds

In our commitment to sustainability, we are proud to offer lab-diamonds as a more eco-friendly alternative. Lab diamonds are created with minimal environmental impact, ensuring that your gift shines with both beauty and a clear conscience. Don’t worry about the quality either, lab-grown diamonds are structurally identical to their mined counterparts and sparkle all the same! You can also rest easy knowing that if you don’t opt for one of our lab-diamond pieces, our natural diamonds are all ethically sourced and regulated by the Kimberly process certification scheme which prevents the trade of conflict diamonds.



Fairtrade Metals for a Fair World

The Fairtrade certified mines are thoroughly regulated to make sure they adhere to the Fairtrade guidelines, keeping the workers safe from unfair business practices such as the use of harsh chemicals or working in poorly kept conditions. Buying Fairtrade jewellery goes that step further by ensuring individual workers receive fair wages and keep communities alive. By choosing Fairtrade, you are not only gifting a stunning piece of jewellery made by artisans of the craft but also supporting the livelihoods of those who supply the source materials.


Our Most Popular Pieces

This Christmas, consider elevating your gift-giving by choosing thoughtfully crafted, luxury jewellery. If you need a little inspiration, here are our most popular pieces:

  • Fairtrade White Gold Twist
  • Fairtrade Rose Gold Wishbone
  • Fairtrade Yellow Gold Lab Diamond Wave Pendant 
  • Ethically Sourced Platinum Infinity Ring
  • Fairtrade White Gold Opal Birthstone Ring
  • Fairtrade Yellow Gold Salt & Pepper Diamond Stacking Ring
  • Fairtrade Yellow Gold Kyanite Stacking Ring
  • Fairtrade Silver Petal Wave Ring
  • Fairtrade Silver Wishbone Ring 
  • Fairtrade Yellow Gold Alexandrite Birthstone Ring