The Making of Jeweller's Loupe Designs

At Jeweller's Loupe, every piece is made to order and between choosing your design and receiving it in the post, there is an intricate creative process in place. Take a journey with us behind the scenes to see how your beautiful piece of ethical jewellery is made.


Step 1: Creating the CAD

After your order has been received, we begin turning the design into a 3D digital model. This allows our expert jewellers to visualise the design and examine every detail of the piece.

Once the CAD is perfected, the design is sent to be 3D printed into a wax model which will be used as the casting mould.



Step 2: Metal Work

By this point you will already have chosen your precious metal, and now it’s time to mould it to the desired shape. The metal is poured into the mould and then solidifies. The piece is then cut from the casting and ready to be prepped.



Step 3: Keeping You up to Date

We love to keep you involved in the process and update you with photos where possible! At this point you will receive a photo of the casting along with an email just to give you a heads up on where we’re up to.


Step 4: Prepping and Setting

The piece is then filed and polished by hand by one of our jewellers which gives it that extra shine before the stones are intricately set. Our stones are sourced from Fairtrade UK suppliers and carefully examined when they arrive at the workshop to ensure you are getting the best quality product possible.


Step 5: Package and Post

Detail is incredibly important to us and this can also be said about our packaging process. Our sustainable postage boxes are wax sealed and kept discreet to ensure they arrive with you safely.

From here, our team will let you know your jewellery is on it's way to you. We're always happy to answer any questions you may have during the process so don't be a stranger! 

See here for a link to our warranty information and here for our FAQs.  

Have a lovely day!