What is SMO Gold Anyway?

When browsing our website, you may come across phrases like ‘Single Mine Origin’, ‘SMO’, and ‘ethically sourced’ a lot. But what does this all mean exactly? At Jeweller’s Loupe, we like to be completely transparent with our wonderful customers, and we make sure that every bit of precious metal we sell is traceable back to its origin. 



Our SMO (single mine origin) gold is certified and stamped, which means we can provide an auditable chain of custody for every bit of gold that arrives at our workshop. This gives us, and our customers, peace of mind that this metal has been responsibly sourced with strict parameters if corporate, social and environmental responsibility. Our suppliers work along side the Yanfolia mine in Mali, West Africa, which is a high-grade open pit mining operation that adheres to the Responsible Gold Mining Principles (RGMP) set by the World Gold Council (WGC). 



With the amount of environmental issues we face these days, its more important than ever for shoppers to be mindful with their purchases and to choose sustainability over convenience. Luckily, the jewellery industry is taking bigger steps towards positive change in recent times, as SMO, Fairtrade, and recycled gold becomes a growing practise with suppliers. It’s now a lot easier for business to source responsibly and allow their customers to shop sustainably.



Jeweller's Loupe are also considered a Workplace of World Changers. This means we are making conscious decisions within our working environment, such as providing Fairtrade tea, coffee and snacks for staff and finding sustainable solutions within the workshop every day. Our aim is for you to be reassured you’re making the right purchase on a product that will be with you for a lifetime. Not only is it the responsible choice, but it’s also completely affordable with our payment plan option.

If you want to know more about our ethical ethos, just get in touch at hi@jewellersloupe.co.uk


(Images courtesy of Hockley Mint and Humming Bird Resources)